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We offer a range of services to meet all your construction needs.


We design, renovate and build commercial structures for any industry. From concept to delivery, we work hard to exceed our clients’ expectations in aesthetics, functionality, quality and safety. Our projects are built by seasoned professionals with deep knowledge of the industry and masterful skills. Let us show you how we can put our expertise to work for your firm.
commercial construction
commercial interiors
Residential Construction


"A home has the soul of its occupants woven into the fibers of its carpet and buried in the roots of the trees surrounding it." Plus your family home is an important means of building wealth, which is why the way your home is built matters. We build homes of exceptional quality, homes in which your family can make generational memories. We also renovate and create additions to existing homes. Contact us and learn how we can create the custom home of your dreams.
residential construction



In the initial planning stages of a project, our clients works closely with the COXCO design-build team to develop detailed drawings, schedules, budgets and manpower projections before construction starts. This phase requires clear and consistent communication between our client, members of our core team and any additional project specialists necessary.
Special projects



Our Special Projects Division provides design and construction services to meet the specialized needs of clients with unique, fast-paced projects, typically consisting of tenant improvements, renovations, additions, repairs and core/shell services.
This arm of COXCO addresses ongoing demand for construction services for specialized projects while maintaining the same high level of service we always deliver.
Special Projects



Project management requires addressing many important concerns: cost control, scheduling, procurement, and risk assessment. Project managers interact with all team members involved in a construction project, from architects to owners to contractors. Our project management division is here to ensure that all unanticipated issues are addressed with the immediacy they deserve, keeping your project moving forward and on budget.
site management
Site Management
interior design



Our interior design services can assist you in creating the ideal layout of your space and aide you in the multitude of decisions and selections you'll be asked to make, choices that will affect the functionality and flow of the people working and living in that space. Our talented interior decorating team can create cohesive and aesthetically pleasing designs for both the home and the office, leaving nothing to chance. 
interior design



Our construction consultants offer guidance to developers and investors, working to help improve operations, profitability,  management, structure, strategy and quality. Our consultants can be hired throughout your entire project or for specific parts of a job. Our consulting work may include:
  • Constructability
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Estimating
  • Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Safety
  • Scheduling 
  • Scope Gap
construction consulting



general contracting


Our expert craftspeople can create custom millwork for your commercial or residential project such as base trim, crown molding, interior doors, door frames, window casing, chair rails, wood paneling and more. 


We can create custom built-in cabinets, bookshelves, kitchen island drawers, cupboards, and a variety of other storage cabinets for your specific project. We work with you and our design team to ensure the fit and finish matches the scope of your project.





reception desks
reception desks
First impressions are everything, and lobbies and reception areas are just where those initial impressions are made. Now you can get the exact fit, color, design, and quality you want with a custom-made reception desk by our expert craftspeople. 
display cabinets
display cases
We can create cabinetry that will handsomely and efficiently display your merchandise. We can also build specific cabinets to efficiently house inventory before it is put on display, making your operations run smoothly. 
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